Boys & Girls Club of Maury County 2017 Great Futures Luncheon

Boys & Girls Club of Maury County 2017 Great Futures Luncheon

The Annual “Great Futures Luncheon” is one of the Club’s main fundraising events and is attended by 300+ community leaders. This year’s luncheon was held on Tuesday, April 4th in the upstairs event space at Puckett’s downtown Columbia.

The mission of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America is to “enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.” The vision statement of the Boys & Girls Club of Maury County is: “We strive each day to POSITIVELY IMPACT Youth, STRENGTHEN Families, and ENRICH Maury County, one child at a time.

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Mule Day Parade 2017

Photos from the 2017 Mule Day Parade!

From Wikipedia:”Mule Day” has been a popular Columbia tradition for nearly 170 years, since the 1840s. It began as “Breeder’s Day”, a single day livestock show and mule market event held on the first Monday in May. Over time, “Mule Day” evolved from a single day event into a multi-day festival, attracting thousands of attendees, lasting almost a week. According to its official website, the heavy involvement of Maury County in the mule industry caused the event to grow for a time into “one of the largest livestock markets in the world.”

In 1933, Thomas Marion Brown had the idea for a Mule Day Parade and Celebration as a way to bring in money to the community. He approached W.D. Hastings of the Daily Herald and J.J. Johnson to bring this event to life. They went to the Chamber of Commerce and in 1934 the First Mule Day Parade was a reality. Tom designed the Mule Day Crown which is on display in the Maury County Public Library. He was the first Grand Marshal and led the parade for about 7 years.

Mule Day suddenly gained wider notice in 2006 when the Mule Day Parade listing in the National Asset Database, a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) list of potential terrorism targets, was featured in a New York Times article.


What Happened to the Columbia Mall? Photos and Part 1

This project is near and dear to my heart. Growing up I remember this mall as a vibrant and awesome place you could pretty much get anything you needed. When the Hull Property Group took over, it started to go downhill. I would know, I worked there and saw it happen. My first job at the mall was at KB Toys in the summer of 2002. In late January of 2004, I closed the door to that store for the last time. My second was when EB Games (now Gamestop) opened in 2005. I worked there til Christmas of 2006 and by then most of the mall had dwindled away.

This property needs to be used correctly for our town to continue to flourish. Take look at the state of the mall as it sits today.

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What Happened to the Columbia Mall? Preview Video

Coming soon to Maury County Now: What Happened to the Columbia Mall?

We need your help! If you have any photos in the Columbia (Shadybrook Mall) please send them to! We need them to show the history of the mall for this upcoming special feature!

In this soon to be released investigative mini-doc series, Maury County Now takes a look at the crippled Columbia Mall and why the company that owns it,

Hull Property Group, is failing Columbia and Maury County.