“What You’re Tasting” Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire #WYT

What You’re Tasting Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire. Recorded at Grog Shoppe Wine and Spirits featuring Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire. Visit Grog Shoppe and pick up one today! #WYT

1129 Trotwood Ave
Columbia, Tennessee 38401
Phone (931) 381-8456
Email jeremy@grogshoppewineandspirits.com
Website http://grogshoppewineandspirits.com

Craft Beer and Baseball!


“What You’re Tasting” is a web series featuring both new and familiar beverages we all enjoy Produced by Ross Jaynes. Camera by Quan McFall. Hosted by Ross Jaynes and Jeremy Pafford.


The Wellness and Aquatics Complex Fundraiser

On April 21st 2014 The Wellness and Aquatics Complex held their first major fundraiser at Westbury House on the Square. In attendece were some of Maury County’s finest as well as Governor Bill Haslam. Take a look at the photos below, click on one to make it larger. After that, stop on by and ‘like’ The Wellness and Aquatics Center Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/maurywellness AND if you haven’t done so already ‘like’ the RossJaynes.com Facebook page for exclusive content and previews for upcoming posts! https://www.facebook.com/Rossjaynesdotcom

The Wellness and Aquatics Complex also has a new website! Check them out at http://maurywellness.org/!

Mule Day 2014 Liar’s Contest and Parade!

Ross J.:

Check out the video coverage of this year’s Mule Day events!

Originally posted on Maury County Now:

Mule Day Parade 2014
Hosted by Dan Jaynes and Cara Lynn
Executive Producer/Director: Ross Jaynes
Camera Operators: Quan McFall, Hanna Miller
Produced by CPWS PowerNet13


2014 Mule Day Liar’s Contest
Hosted by Adam Southern
Produced by CPWS PowerNet 13

To see photos from Mule Day follow the links below!
Part 1: http://rossjaynes.com/2014/04/06/photos-from-the-mule-day-parade-2014/
Part 2: http://rossjaynes.com/2014/04/08/more-photos-from-the-mule-day-2014-parade/

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More Photos from the Mule Day 2014 Parade…


After the overwhelming positive response from the first set of photos, (click here to see them!), here are a literal ton of new photos from the parade! Tomorrow, I’ll be releasing the video for the Liar’s Contest 2014 and the Mule Day Parade 2014 over at MauryCountyNow.com BUT in the meantime, enjoy these photos and share with your friends!

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Photos from the Mule Day Parade 2014

With Mule Day weekend winding down, I thought I’d share some photos with you from the parade. I’ve got so many good ones, it’s hard to cull them! I’ll be uploading the parade video coverage and more pictures as soon as they are ready. For the latest and greatest, check out my Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/Rossjaynesdotcom Thanks and have a look at my pics and click for a larger view!

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Boys & Girls Club Of Maury County Great Futures Luncheon 2014 and Page By Page with Courtney C. Stevens!

This week has been full of pretty much nothing but the highest quality of video. First up, we have the Boys & Girls Club Of Maury County Great Futures Luncheon 2014 which has been broken into 3 easy to watch parts for your enjoyment. Part 2 happens to be my favorite, since it features a live talk show style interview session hosted by me and featuring powerful stories from past and current Boys & Girls Club members. The 3rd part features Rudy Kalis of Channel 4 News.

Next we have a BRAND NEW Page By Page featuring “Faking Normal” author Courtney C. Stevens hosted by Adam Southern!

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