The Beaches of Boynton FL

This past week I took my cheapo $300 camera (My travel gear, Canon T6 and a Yongnuo 35 f/2) to Boynton Beach because I had never shot at or on the beach before! Lemme tell you, It’s waaaaaay harder than it looks! Not only are you dodging sand and critters, you never know when that picture perfect wave will break. Take a look at a few of the shots from the trip!

Downtown Columbia Tennessee

Downtown Columbia TN, Ross Jaynes,,  Fine Art Photography

Photos I have taken over the years of Downtown Columbia Tennessee! Granted this isn’t all of them but it’s a start at bringing some of my back catalog up to date as well as refresh my site!

  • Credit: Ross Jaynes
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Bonaroo 2017

  • Credit: Ross jaynes