Sad Spaceman Promotions presents Daphne and the Mystery Machines/Roanoke/People on the Porch/Bearheart Exit/In

This past Friday (8/4/17) I had the honor and privilege of getting back out and shooting bands/music again. One of my besties Daphne is back and man, lemme tell ya, you aren’t ready 😉

Unfortunately, I arrived too late to get some shots of Bearheart (I’ll catch you next time I swear). Upon arrival I went backstage to see Exit/In.


Soon after, People on the Porch took the stage. If you haven’t heard them you should, because I promise you haven’t heard anything like them!


Roanoke was up next and I cannot even describe how impressive they were. Their cover of “The Chain” just about blew me away…

After that it was time for Daphne and the Mystery Machines!


Near the end of the set it was time for the superjam!

Next time you get a chance to see one of these amazing bands play, you should! Check them out at the links below!


People on the Porch


Daphne and the Mystery Machines

  • Credit: Ross Jaynes