The Beaches of Boynton FL

This past week I took my cheapo $300 camera (My travel gear, Canon T6 and a Yongnuo 35 f/2) to Boynton Beach because I had never shot at or on the beach before! Lemme tell you, It’s waaaaaay harder than it looks! Not only are you dodging sand and critters, you never know when that picture perfect wave will break. Take a look at a few of the shots from the trip!

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

This post should be called, what can you do with a $300 camera and $80 lens (My travel gear, Canon T6 and a Yongnuo 35 f/2). On Wednesday I had the privilege of touring the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. This place is GORGOUS and the story behind it is even more interesting. Taken from

“In 1904, Jo Sakai, a recent graduate of New York University, returned to his homeland of Miyazu, Japan, to organize a group of pioneering farmers and lead them to what is now northern Boca Raton. With the help of the Model Land Company, a subsidiary of Henry Flagler’s East Coast Railroad, they formed a farming colony they named Yamato, an ancient name for Japan…


Our mission at Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens is to engage a diverse audience by presenting Japanese cultural experiences that educate and inspire.

Since opening in 1977, Morikami has been a center for Japanese arts and culture in South Florida. With rotating exhibitions, tea ceremonies performed monthly in the Seishin-an tea house, educational outreach programs with local schools and organizations, and Japanese traditional festivals celebrated for the public several times a year, Morikami strives to spread appreciation for the living culture of Japan.”

I was struck not only in the beauty of the museum and garden but how authentic it looks to Japanese culture. Take a look at the photos and see for yourself! All photos taken with a Canon T6 and a Yongnuo 35 f/2.

Life is funny: A Reboot

June 30th 2017 was my last day at Columbia Power and Water System (my main gig). I had planned this big unveil, a new brand, my new identity and yet it all failed.

Around 5PM Friday, when all this was going to go live, I found out that my webserver had been hacked. Like most of my websites had been major defaced. I checked in to see how much is was going to cost to get everything back up and running. To my dismay, it was going to be around $2500 to restore everything. That was not an option for me as I’m just getting starting becoming an entrepreneur!

I feel like most people would have cried, or decided this wasn’t worth it, or freaked out.

So I did the only thing I could do. I blew it all up and have decided to start over. While that sucks, it was probably going to have to happen anyway. My hosting plan was up in September, I have all of my images triple backed up. I learned about web security and what NOT to do. I can start over, I can try again. While it’s frustrating, it’s given me the gas to move forward. If you got here via a link that doesn’t work anymore I’m going to try to fix it (don’t cross fingers). If you’re new, then I’m happy you’re here! Either way, hop on board as we go on this wild adventure together!

Frustrated but let’s do it again!