What Happened to the Columbia Mall? Photos and Part 1

This project is near and dear to my heart. Growing up I remember this mall as a vibrant and awesome place you could pretty much get anything you needed. When the Hull Property Group took over, it started to go downhill. I would know, I worked there and saw it happen. My first job at the mall was at KB Toys in the summer of 2002. In late January of 2004, I closed the door to that store for the last time. My second was when EB Games (now Gamestop) opened in 2005. I worked there til Christmas of 2006 and by then most of the mall had dwindled away.

This property needs to be used correctly for our town to continue to flourish. Take look at the state of the mall as it sits today.

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What Happened to the Columbia Mall? Preview Video

Coming soon to Maury County Now: What Happened to the Columbia Mall?

We need your help! If you have any photos in the Columbia (Shadybrook Mall) please send them to MauryCountyNow@gmail.com! We need them to show the history of the mall for this upcoming special feature!

In this soon to be released investigative mini-doc series, Maury County Now takes a look at the crippled Columbia Mall and why the company that owns it,

Hull Property Group, is failing Columbia and Maury County.


“She Don’t Live Here Anymore” by Daphne Culver

This is a very timely and personal video for me. It’s been the most rough couple of weeks in my entire life, and this video and the song reflect what’s happening. I really hope you enjoy the meaning and the message of the lyrics and the imagery. Big shout out to Daphne, Quan, and Vinnie for helping me pull this off from conception to completion in less than 12 hours.

“She Don’t Live Here Anymore” by Daphne Culver

Written and Performed by Daphne Culver
Directed by Ross Jaynes
Videography by Vincenzo Frattarola, Quan McFall, Ross Jaynes
Edited by Ross Jaynes

2015 Columbia Breakfast Rotary Mule Day Auctioneer Contest

On April 10th 2015, the Columbia Breakfast Rotary held the 2015 Columbia Breakfast Rotary Mule Day Auctioneer Contest. This contest draws Auctioneers from all over the country and has gained the reputation as one of the best in the country. Below the pictures is a link to the LIVE video we shot for the first time for the Auctioneers Contest and the Columbia Breakfast Rotary! Enjoy!

Watch the 2015 Columbia Breakfast Rotary Mule Day Auctioneers Contest below!

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To find out more about the Columbia Breakfast Rotary Club click here! https://www.facebook.com/ColumbiaBreakfastRotary

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Boys & Girls Club Of Maury County Great Futures Luncheon 2014 and Page By Page with Courtney C. Stevens!

This week has been full of pretty much nothing but the highest quality of video. First up, we have the Boys & Girls Club Of Maury County Great Futures Luncheon 2014 which has been broken into 3 easy to watch parts for your enjoyment. Part 2 happens to be my favorite, since it features a live talk show style interview session hosted by me and featuring powerful stories from past and current Boys & Girls Club members. The 3rd part features Rudy Kalis of Channel 4 News.

Next we have a BRAND NEW Page By Page featuring “Faking Normal” author Courtney C. Stevens hosted by Adam Southern!

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Makky Kaylor’s EPK

I am extremely proud to debut the Makky Kaylor EPK produced by yours truly! Featuring the smooth, swanky sound of Makky Kaylor and the incredibly talented voice over work of industry legend Devon O’Day this EPK was quite an experience to work on. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity and must give a BIG shout out to my friend Makky Kaylor! Check out the video above and the pics below!

Makky Soul B+W 2 w RJ

Makky Soul B+W w RJ

 Makky Soul Color 2 RJKeyboard RJMakky Soul Color w RJ smaller MKMAKKY KAYLOR 



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Narrated by Devon O’Day

EPK Produced by Ross Jaynes
YouTube: Ross Jaynes

Social Media Workshop Presented by Ross Jaynes, Columbia Breakfast Rotary

I had the honor and privilege this week to present a presentation/workshop to members of the Maury County Rotary clubs and other invited guests on four different social media platforms. Yes, I am available for speaking engagements if you feel so inclined!

Social Media Workshop Presented by Ross Jaynes, Columbia Breakfast Rotary
Hosted by Heritage Bank and Trust

Why social media is important to you and your business! Workshop covers creating valuable content through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WordPress.