What Happened to the Columbia Mall? Photos and Part 1

This project is near and dear to my heart. Growing up I remember this mall as a vibrant and awesome place you could pretty much get anything you needed. When the Hull Property Group took over, it started to go downhill. I would know, I worked there and saw it happen. My first job at the mall was at KB Toys in the summer of 2002. In late January of 2004, I closed the door to that store for the last time. My second was when EB Games (now Gamestop) opened in 2005. I worked there til Christmas of 2006 and by then most of the mall had dwindled away.

This property needs to be used correctly for our town to continue to flourish. Take look at the state of the mall as it sits today.

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Retro Maury County Courthouse

I was downtown Friday afternoon for a fun shoot involving Santa Clause on the Courthouse steps. I love grabbing extra shots and the light coming down West 7th was too good not to take advantage of. I have more, but for now here’s a fun Vintage shot that the kids seem to dig now-a-days…

mini-Courthouse Retro Vintage v1 Overlay

A Trip to Milky Way Farms: Virtual Tour

Sunday, I got the opportunity to shoot Milky Way Farms: a 25,000 square foot Tudor mansion located in Pulaski, TN on a trip with the Giles County Historical Society and the Maury County Historical Society. Here’s the photos 😉


Pictures for Arts in the Park

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Getting some pictures ready for my booth at Arts in the Park on October 19th! I’m also trying to set up and new way to make mobile payments for those who want to purchase prints or posters on the fly and have them shipped to you! Stay tuned!