Bonnaroo 2017

No lies, my first Bonnaroo was AMAZING. We got in on Thursday evening after sitting in traffic for a couple of hours. After that it was on to exploring! The evenings were amazing, and Thursday night was a little chilly hence the unicorn hoody. Here’s a ton of pics I took at the festival and as I comb through, I’ll add more! If you like it, share it! Thanks!

What Happened to the Columbia Mall? Photos and Part 1

This project is near and dear to my heart. Growing up I remember this mall as a vibrant and awesome place you could pretty much get anything you needed. When the Hull Property Group took over, it started to go downhill. I would know, I worked there and saw it happen. My first job at the mall was at KB Toys in the summer of 2002. In late January of 2004, I closed the door to that store for the last time. My second was when EB Games (now Gamestop) opened in 2005. I worked there til Christmas of 2006 and by then most of the mall had dwindled away.

This property needs to be used correctly for our town to continue to flourish. Take look at the state of the mall as it sits today.

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Help Save the Athenaeum!

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A couple of weeks ago I put up a post about the beauty of the Athenaeum and how a group was looking to get it restored. Today, Adam Southern and I will tell you more about that group, some exciting developments and show you some of the damage to this historic treasure. Continue reading

A Descent Into Madness…

Warning: the images shown are for mature, adult audiences only.

This week, I want to show you some photos from a very disturbing house Jonathan Hickerson had asked me to visit. When he told me what was inside I was intrigued, when I discovered what was there, I decided I had to show you…

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A Behind the Scenes look at The Athenaeum Rectory

History is important. Moreover, realizing the significance of historical places and preserving them is key to not only our economic survival but for good or ill, our distinct cultural heritage. The Athenaeum Rectory needs your help. This post isn’t about showing you the cracking plaster, the windows that need to be resealed, the walls that need to be re-painted; it’s about showing you the beauty and the significance of this treasure we have right here in Columbia, Tennessee.

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Timeless: Photos from “Keeping Time,” Clocks from 1795 – 1850 from the Fuston Collection at Polk Presidential Hall

I had the opportunity last Thursday to interview both Steve and Kathie Fuston for the show, Maury County Now, about the “Keeping Time,” Clocks from 1795 – 1850 from the Fuston Collection at Polk Presidential Hall. I went back this week to get b-roll for the piece with my Associate Producer Quan McFall (who came up with the post title ‘Timeless’ by the way) and I took shots of some of the clocks and features. Here’s what I came back with…

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